Properly Tipping Poor People

Properly tipping poor people is something of a dilemma. It’s one thing when it comes to restaurants and coffee shops near me. There is an established protocol for this sort of thing. People know that tipping more than fifteen percent of the total bill is a good idea, and that they are going to come across as very generous if they manage to add an additional five percent. The people who tip fifty percent are insanely generous.

It gets more complicated with other people. Should you tip your doorman? If so, by how much? Should you tip your hairdresser? If so, by how much? It’s often a good idea to tip anyone in order to expect a truly quality service. People always are going to respond well to tips. However, some people might be concerned that they are coming across as condescending if they decide to tip as many people as possible who help them during the day, especially if tipping is not expected in that particular industry. So many different rules for tipping one might elect to just spend the day at home and eat dinner with the family rather than navigate the vigorous waters of social etiquette.

In general, people are not going to be offended if they receive a tip. Class issues are still alive and well today, but they manifest themselves in a different way than they did years ago. People aren’t as concerned with their proper place in society. Many people don’t even think of society in terms of the world of people who work and the world of people who are simply wealthy and that’s that. Everyone is a worker, and some people simply landed in higher-paying jobs.

Giving a tip when one is wealthy and living in luxury simply sends the signal that one is generous, and not condescending to a poor person. Most people are just going to be happy with the free money. It’s also true that tipping in industries where tipping is expected takes on a different feel. It really just becomes part of the normal bill. Tipping a hairdresser, a doorman, or a similar professional is actually generous, however. The people who do this are going to manage to stand out among the crowd in the best way. Properly tipping poor people is easier than it sounds.

Most people who don’t usually receive a tip in this instance will just take the fact that they received a tip as a sign that they performed the service remarkably well. They’ll feel encouraged more than anything else. Even receiving a ten percent tip in an industry where that sort of thing is not required can make a huge difference.

Living In Luxury. Why Is It SO Good?

Every person wants to live a good life. That good is often associated with luxury. Those who have money tend to lead luxurious lives. They stay in big houses like bungalows, mansions and drive big cars like Range Rover, Rolls Royce and may more. They also attend parties and as well join prestigious clubs like golf among others. Such people don’t just live. They thrive. But is it really good to live in luxury while others suffer elsewhere? Let’s find out.

You enjoy the quality of life

Nobody was meant to lead a bad life. Life is worth enjoying. The best way to enjoy life is when you have everything that you want at your disposal. For instance, a nice car, a good house, an LCD HD TV, beach resort, an iPhone e.t.c

For Comfort

You will always feel good when you are comfortable. Having luxury make you achieve that comfort. For instance, you will be much comfortable driving own BMW than compete for space and oxygen in an overloaded bus.

You Reduce Stress

Leading a luxurious life helps you to eliminate any stress that you may be having to a considerable level. For instance if there is something that I disturbing your mind and you decide to go on holiday in a distant Island, you will have the opportunity to view fascinating feature and equally have a nice experience. Before you realize, your stress the stress will be gone.

You Meet and Make New Friends

By visiting different places lie a beach, club and other social places to have fun, you meet many other people who lead a lifestyle similar to yours and would want to associate with you. You begin to communicate with each other and eventually become good friends.

You Understand the Value of Money

When you buy luxurious goods such as an expensive iPhone, a nice apartment, a hotel, expensive car like a Ferrari e.t.c you will be able appreciate what your money is capable of doing. Consequently, you will be able to understand how valuable it is.

For Convenience

Being in possession of anything you want to use at given anytime makes life more convenient for you. For example if you want to watch football on TV, you don’t have to go to all the way to the bar or restaurant. You simply sit in you house as you watch your Dstv.

For Safety

Luxury enhances you safety. I you own a limousine, you are sure that you will not go to compete with people who use public transport means of transport like buses.. Such drivers may be careless or simply drive under the influence of alcohol. This may lead to accidents. Luxury makes you avoid this.

Therefore, if you can afford luxury, live luxurious life. But if you cannot, don’t strain yourself. Just live within your limits.