How To Be Stylish On An Average Day

The trend these days is to look super stylish but on budget. Magazines and even television shows are meeting that trend by showing women how to dress stylish on any average day. We want to look great and appropriate for whatever life brings. And with a few simple tips, anyone can look like Olivia Pope!

One of the main elements to keep in mind is to wear clothes that flatter your shape. Clothes that fit properly will look good on your body type, will be more flattering, and look expensive. Well-fitting clothes will also make you look slimmer with everything in proportion.

Accessories are the icing of an outfit and can step up a basic look. Including a necklace or scarf can add immediate style to any look. Instead of wearing flats, go for a pair of heels. They certainly elevate any look. You’ll look more put together and confident instantly. They don’t have to be worn every day but wearing them occasionally can give you another element to your look. You can thumb through any fashion magazine and see how the best outfits have an unexpected item. For example, adding a choker to a feminine outfit or lace to a leather outfit.

Every one has their fashion strengths, so when you don’t know what to wear think of what you love most about your body. For long legs, wear miniskirts. For a nice tush, wear form-fitting jeans. You definitely want to create and reflect your special style. Finding your own “go to” look will help streamline your shopping and make it faster to get dressed in the mornings.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to be stylish on any given day. It can be a staple item that you incorporate into your daily look such as, colorful shoes or bag with a basic black outfit. Shopping at stores such as TJ Maxx or Marshall’s to find interesting items at an affordable price. You’re able to build a wardrobe that looks like it came from any high-end designer label.

The most stylish people we know probably do not spend a lot of money! They have learned how to use simple accessories or shop at discount stores to create stylish looks on any given day. Seek out things that you like, things that are affordable, and things that you feel great in.